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Participation with the piece "Vanitas" in Video Art Miden festival

“Frontpage” gathers 12 works inspired by mass media news and headlines, altering the perception of the mass media and information world we are immersed in. Attempting a conceptual and critical approach of TV broadcasts and mass communication in general, the works use powerful images and texts from newspapers, TV and social media headlines to reveal and criticize the dystopic, cruel and often surrealistic reality that surrounds us.

Video Art Miden had addressed a special international call under the theme “Frontpage” this year, calling for video works which make creative use of news and headlines in newspapers, magazines and the internet for a special project in collaboration with curator Eva Maragaki (AxionArt) and the European Communication Institute (ECI) for an exhibition inspired by mass media and daily news.

Video Art Miden and Eva Maragaki decided to present a part of the videos online, since the exhibition in physical space has been temporarily postponed due to coronavirus measures.

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