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Smaragda Nitsopoulou is a video artist and film director and editor from Greece. Through her practice, she is exploring the themes of memory and death in the Anthropocene era. Using found footage for her interactive pieces, she is aiming to evoke the ecumenical experience of death among the living. She has participated in several international festivals and art fairs such as Documenta 14, Slavonian Biennale,  Video Art Miden & Simultan. In 2021, she completed her first feature-length documentary "Death Under Control". She is a 2018 fellow of the SNF Artist Fellowship program and a 2020 resident of the IMPROVISA-LIFE IN MOTION artistic residency that took place in 2021 & 2022 in Athens, Lublin and Ljubljana.

Group Exhibitions

Antidarwinian Dream, 2023

Imagined Futures, 2022

28th Slavonian Biennale, 2022

Locked Room Sessions / Quarto Trancado, Intermedia Art Network, 2020

A) GLIMPSE) OF), NEST issue, 2020

Covid-19 Expo, Letto studio, 2020

The Crown of The Corona, online spaces of Artqol, 2020

Art Instead, Phoenix Athens gallery, 2020

Artworks Screenings, Greek Film Archive, 2018


Documenta14, Athens-Kassel, 2017

Film Festivals

Oudeis International Film Festival, 2023

Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival, 2023

Split International Film Festival, 2022

MicroM Film Festival, 2022

International Peloponnisos Documentary Festival 2022

Lulea International Film Festival 2021

Houston Greek Film Festival 2021

Stockholm City Film Festival 2021

Simultan, 2020

Video Art Miden, 2020, 2023

MICRO Festival, 2020

Les Mains Gauches, 2020

30th Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, 2017

Mr. MOV Video Art Festival, 2017

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