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In isolation with Jonas Mekas (2020-2021)


As the entire world was getting subsequently locked in, the only images of the outer world where those flooding the internet. Family moments, strangers letting use to their homes. A sort of unintentional global home movie was being created before our eyes. Suddenly, Jonas Mekas’ family portraits and stories gained a very different meaning. The loneliness and exclusion of the immigrants, the mundane everyday moments, everything looked quite similar to the seclusion the world was forced to during the pandemic. Working with found footage for over 5 years, the idea for the series popped organically to my head. Just like my everyday life was filled with images disrupted by news and images again, the videos series are a collection of footage bonded together with thoughts on fear, the future, art, and loneliness.


In isolation with Jonas Mekas - A dangerous roommate Day #12

We are never truly alone. We have our memories that create our desires. Desiring means companion. Always needing something, always having a dialogue with a voice. Usually, it's something you miss or can't have. We say we miss the interaction with people, being able to hug and kiss and feel again. Like babies need to be touched to realize their own bodies. We are afraid that we will forget our own drawing lines that separate us from the people around us. Only blueprints of houses define our boundaries now. Square and defined. No agility, no ability to bruise, no forgetting curves. We are afraid that we will become squares from these concrete boundaries. They protect and enslave. But we forget. How we used to miss this protection. How cruel the outer world used to be. We stay at home. Alone. But we are never truly alone.

In isolation with Jonas Mekas - Guns from leaves Day #19

Futurity is endless, unpredictable and fluctuant. Until we are three-years-old we do not understand what is tomorrow. For the rest of our lives, tomorrow will be the caliber of our lives. We hold its hand and hope it will fall in love with us. And we rest assured it will be the same warm feeling of boredom that it will bring. But changes are there, like a small hole on a jumper that it will take months to notice. Tomorrow sneaks up on us a little every day. We chose not to pay attention to. Tomorrow is neither evil or divine. Tomorrow it's a humbling equalizer for us. Some have it, some not. Call it luck but it has absolutely nothing to do with humanity. Trees may understand it better.

In isolation with Jonas Mekas - Believe the invisible Day #25

Our systems of belief are focused on the invisible. Bloody stigmas, flying metal, humans. We gravitate towards the shadows of things. The unknown and all the projections it absorbs. With fear and love, we are guided to live a nonsensical life. Our motives are scarcely benign. When we believe we belong and that makes us feel powerful. It even makes some people powerful. He who controls belief, he shall inherit the earth. Belief lead us to some of the most amazing fiction. Our eyes aren't capable of such glory. And yet, we cannot imagine something that we haven't experienced. That is the great depression of the human mind. We are emprisoned by combinations, endless, but never brand new. All ideas come from the past and all that belief is, is an idea.

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