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I've always wanted to see a martian (2022)


Director: Smaragda Nitsopoulou
Photography: Alexandros Chatzidimos
Cast: Elena Casablanca Nyamwaya Odul
Editor: Smaragda Nitsopoulou
Sound engineer: Panagiotis Fyraridis
1st AD: Vassiliki Rouvali
Production assistant: Stylianos Manolakakis
Music: May Roosevelt


In this experimental short, the artist is exploring the notion of identity and belonging using as a starting point the last phrase from Ray Bradbury's allegoric book "The Martian Chronicles". The environment where the short takes place offers glimpses of a labour past that can be mistaken as an otherwordly space. The artist chooses this location to set the story of an astronaut while challenging the notions of extraterrestrial migration, ecology and imperialism.


Festivals & exhibitions

28th Slavonian Biennial
Split Film Festival
Aesthetica Short Film Festival
Figari International Short Film Fest
INTERSECCIÓN - Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival
Micro μ Festival
Festival Les Instants Vidéo
Athens Short Film Festival
Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival
Balkan Can Kino
nodoCCS 2022
Women in Film and Television - Cyprus - WIFT CYPRUS
Speculative futurism: inverting the archive
Athens Digital Arts Festival
International short film festival of Cyprus
Athens Short Film Festival
Larnaca Biennale
Antidarwinian Dream
Imagined Futures


Lucca Film Festival, Over the Real Premio, 2023

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