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The Ars Moriendi triptych (2016-2019)


This video art series is the result of a research that spans over 3 years. Approaching the subjects of death and memory from three separate points of view: ageism as the ultimate fear of death, sex as a form of defying death and the concept of heroic death during conflict. The main goal of the research is to evoke the subject of corporal death and its multiple facets in society, art and philosophy.


Ubi sunt or Where are those who were before us?

"Ubi Sunt" is comprised of material taken from the Internet Archive in order to create an ecumenical family death album. It's part of the "Ars Moriendi" triptych.

Memento Mori

“Memento Mori” is the second part of the trilogy “Ars Moriendi”, a video art triptych consisted by videos made out of archival footage. “Memento Mori” consits of archival footage and a rendition of “ Ascesis: The Saviors of God “ by Kazantzakis taken from an audio book for the blind.

Vanitas or Prayers for those who live and prayers for those who died

The third instalment of the "Ars Moriendi" triptych is finalized. In this part, death is masked under the hero facade.

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