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1st SNF Artist Fellowship Program

The SNF Artist Fellowship Program is designed to provide financial support for young artists and offer opportunities for career development. ARTWORKS will launch the Program with a pilot project that will support artists between the ages of 25-35 working in the following disciplines:

Visual Arts: painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, installations, performance, video art, mixed and new media, digital artMoving Image: feature films, documentaries, animation

Each Fellow will receive a 6,000€ award to work over a period of six-months, from March to September 2018. The award will be paid in two equal installments, at the beginning and the end of the Program. During the course of the Program, ARTWORKS staff will organize regular events with art professionals and experts, in the interest of exchanging ideas and expertise and will encourage the participants to share their work in-progress. The Fellows are expected to participate actively in the Program and will be required to report twice on the development of their artistic practice. The second report will be submitted at the end of the Program and will include work samples from the final artworks produced during the period of the Fellowship.

Following the first year’s pilot project, ARTWORKS aspires to increase the number of beneficiaries and support artists from other disciplines as well.

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