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Participation in "Night-Day" photo competition

The jury, consisting of Amalia Zepou (Head of Networking of the Municipality of Athens with Citizens' Groups) and photographers Pavlos Fysakis and Camilo Nolla, came up with twelve participating photographers. The reasoning of the jury was to be able to gather young photographers, who will carry out a difficult mission. To depict the most photographed shopping street of the city, Athenas Street. The set of photos that will be posted in the framework of the program "Night - Day" phase b, will cover 250 square meters of Athena Street. The participating photographers are: Georgia Ponirakou, Yuxel Petsenik, Nikos Vozaitis, Katerina Saranti, Alexandros Christofinis, Sofia Lekkou, Nikos Karanikolas, Lila Zotou, Smaragda Nitsopoulou, Athena Karoki, Mariana Bistla, George Gavrilakis.

Read the full announcement here

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