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The quarantine video series"In isolation with Jonas Mekas" participates at "Simultan" festival


SIMULTAN Festival’s XVth edition is a reflection on the meaning and potential of art in the current context of the global pandemic.

Bearing the title ‘UNSEEN’ the 2020 edition alludes to and explores how artists respond to today’s major challenges, that slowly infiltrate into the spectrum of the collective memory and perception, under the sign of uncertainty.

The present-day world is multifaceted. New meanings and dimensions are added, changing boundaries, the terms and conditions of coexistence, reverberating, and evolving through the means of complex communication systems over the course of time. Theories regarding the future try to provide explanations and synoptic descriptions of the state of affairs and fundamental trends, each trying to capitalize as many followers, resources, and power, in a state of amplification and mutual development. Both forces contradict themselves yet engage in collaboration. We provide endless assumptions to complex stories, kaleidoscopic opinions, tutorials for tomorrow, and social movements as forms of expression of different paradigms. Eventually, these manifestations will collide in this process, violently yet creatively, aiming for reconciliation. Where are we? What does the future hold for us? And where are we heading for in this unseen war?

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