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"I've always wanted to see a martian" experimental video selected for the 28th Slavonski Biennale

Updated: May 3, 2023

The Slavonic Biennale is a juried exhibition that has been held in the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek since 1968. The 28th version of this event takes place mainly in 2022, a year specific in that the threat of a pandemic was replaced seemingly overnight by renewed war destruction on the soil of Europe. Recognizing global movements as a starting point in the interpretation of the title New Paradigm of Happiness, the subtitle focuses on the venue, cultural and geopolitical origin of the Slavonic Biennale - from Osijek's Dada to contemporary chaos. In August 1922, a Dada matinee was held in the cinema hall of the former Royal Hotel in Kapucinska Street of our small town on the edge of Europe, which instantly connected the local cultural trends with the avant-garde aspirations of far larger circles. Today, just as in the last century, it is necessary and expected to prove that art can and must be a binder in the communication systems of today. In a world where absurdity has become mainstream and reality is irreversibly virtual, we ask how and where to find a new paradigm of happiness that we will strive for and live by? This is also the question we ask the artists who apply to participate in this exhibition.

For the 28th edition of the Slavonic Biennale, the jury consisting of : Miško Šuvaković , (president), Olga Majcen Linn , Darko Šimičić , Miran Blažek , and Valentina Radoš (curator of the event) selected the works of 53 authors and artistic collaborations that will be at this year's exhibition. The names of the selected authors and author collaborations are:

Marija Ančić ; Kelvin Atmadibrata (Indonesia); Jaka Babnik (Slovenia); Benedicte Beldam (Norway); Ana Bilankov ; Maja Bojanić (Slovenia); Melanie Cobham (Australia); Tanja Dabo ; Matija Debeljuh ; Krunoslav Dundović ; Wesley John Fourie (New Zealand); Igor Grubić ; Group ABS - Alan Alebić/Ivica Blažić/Ivan Skvrce ; Josipa Henizelman ; Maja Hodošček (Slovenia); Josip Ivančić Pino ; Kaloyan Ivanov (Bulgaria / USA);Dina Karadžić & Vedran Gligo / Format C ; Leif Kauz-Zeller (Germany); Matej Knežević ; Zlatko Kozina ; Nikolina Kuzmic ; Ivica Malčić ; Kristina Marić ; Marko Marković ; Toni Meštrović ; Ivan Midžić ; Martina Miholić ; Kata Mijatović ; Smaragda Nitsopoulou (Greece); Tomislav Pavelić ; Vedran Perkov ; Nikola Pjevačević ; Ivona Pupačić ; Nenad Roban ; Igor Ruf ;Katherina Sadovsky and Lilia Li-Mi-Yan Russia (Russia); Davor Sanvincenti ; Tomo Savić Gecan ; Stefan Schellinger (Switzerland); Ana Sladetić ; Petra Slobodnjak ; Ivana Smiljanić (Serbia); Solarpunk Surf Club (USA); Ivan Šeremet ; Mia Stark ; Saša Tatić (BiH / Germany); Slaven Tolj ; Vice Tomasović ; Dorian Trepić ; Sonja Vuk ; Leo Vukelic; and Qianlin Wang (China / Great Britain).

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