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Documenta 14 - Social Dissonance

I participated in Documenta 14 as a performer for the creation of Mattin's durational concert "Social Dissonance".

Listen carefully.

The audience is your instrument, play it in order to practically understand how we are generally instrumentalized.

Prepare the audience with concepts, questions, and movements as a way to explore the dissonance that exist between the individual narcissism that capitalism promotes and our social capacity, between how we conceive ourselves as free individuals with agency and the way that we are socially determined by capitalist relations, technology, and ideology.

Reflect on the I/We relation while defining social dissonance.

Help the collective subject to emerge.

Social Dissonance is an instructional score that is being developed over the course of an extended concert taking place throughout the duration of documenta 14 in both Athens (April 8—July 16, 2017) and Kassel (June 8—September 17, 2017).

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