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Group exhibition STILL HERE TOMORROW

The fellows of the SNF ARTWORKS Fellows 2018, present their work at the Summer Nostos Festival.

The 15 filmmakers awarded by ARTWORKS present here their works of fiction, documentary and animation. This group of promising artists have already been distinguished for their short films at international film festivals, and many of them are preparing their first feature films.

The film screenings program at the Summer Nostos Festival provides an opportunity for each of the filmmakers to express their personal perspective on contemporary cinema. Defying the challenging conditions they face each day, these directors and producers respond to universal issues in their own ways and with fresh perspectives.

Familiar landscapes become places for analysis, focal points in which unexpected relationships and interactions unfold. From summertime Athens, we are brought to a wintry scene in Ikaria, to the borders of Ecuador and the Amazon, as well as imagined, fictitious worlds. Indeed, many of these cinematic visions take place beyond geographic limitations. The films’ themes include family, gender, sexuality, identity, brewing social issues, political unrest and individual as well as collective memories.

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