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Premiere at Mr. MOV Video Art Festival

My piece "Ubi Sunt or Where Are Those Who Were Before Us?" premiered at the first edition of Mr. MOV Video Art Festival

Mr. Mov is a contemporary video art festival, which was born in Brescia during the second level degree of Art’s Communication and Didactics in the SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy. The project is based on an idea by Alessandro Mancassola*, Multimedia Programming’s teacher, and it has been grown up and shaped in all its theoretical and practical aspects by a group of seven budding curators. An open call has allowed a selection of videos, which are been made by international artists in the last 3 years.

These selected works would be shown for the first time on 20th July at MusicalZOO 2017’s night. This collaboration is born out of the curious and travelling nature of Mr. Mov, which loves to settle provisionally as an intruder in different places.

The submitting artists were more than 300 and they have sent more than 550 works. The list of

Mr. Mov’s first edition includes 45 artists – 3 of them are collectives – with 49 selected videos.

The selected works are influenced by performance, video clip, social networks, colourful 3D animations, sequence shots and much else besides. All of them, by means of their diversity, allow us to outline as much as possible a complete, current and international overview of video art.

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